A B O U T    M E


You can call me Zavier.


I am an IT master student interested in visual effect and aesthetic. I am crazy about sci-fi movies so I like designing my work in Cyberpunk style. My favourite interface design is Tony Stark's AI system interface. Although the functions of Iron Man's AI system is too difficult to achieve at present, the dynamic elements on that interface make me feel like the system can communicate with me. So in this portfolio, I implement my favourite design style.

Until now I have learned much IT knowledge in these two semesters. I can do both front-end and back-end work because I found it is not much difficult to understand the logic of code. However, I am weak in conprehending conceptual knowledge which results that I will be confused when making a plan for a whole project. But through the practicals in DECO courses, I participated in the amazing process of how a project from a idea develop into a final work, and it is undeniable that it brings me a sense of achievement, and this feeling will encourage me to keep going.

A S S I G N M E N T    R E F L E C T I O N

C O U R S E    R E F L E C T I O N

  • I understood that interaction is very important for a computing project. However, before having this course, the interactions I could add on my website were only some buttons or expand links for displaying hidden content. In fact, for a mature project, it should have interaction with external data and can react when data changes. So I hope that I can learn something which is related to both front end and back end. According to this course’s outline, I found we will learn AJAX, API and PHP in this course, which are known as the coding language in rendering and achieving information exchange. From my aspect, although I will always be attracted by beautiful interface and interesting hover style when I use a website or an application, the reason makes me to be a loyal user is the information and feeling it provides me. So, I believe learning how to implement large amount of information in a website is very practical.

  • team photo
  • Team work is also a vital part of this course. There are two sides working as a team. First, let us discuss its benefits. In a team, you can share the workload for the entire team, which can increase work productivity and quality if team members work well together. The challenging part of teamwork includes conflicts and balance of workload. If the leader didn’t keep the balance of workload between team members, the people who did little would feel left out sometimes. Also, everyone has their ideas; at this time, the team needs a process of consultation, mutual accommodation, and consensus. Besides, we also need to build trust together, define roles clearly, and respect individually.

    I am glad that our team works well, we considered individual’s skills to distribute works so finally we finished our MVP, achieving both functionality and aesthetics on our project.

  • We had conference regularly every week to discuss our current progress and our team leader would allocate individual's work for the next week. Our team staffing are 3 IT student with 1 ID students and our clear division of work are benefit by this. Initially, designer designed the prototypes and guide interaction session. Actually, designer came up the idea of human-computer interaction while we other guys focused on information interaction. From my perspective, a good web should combine both information interaction and human-computer interaction. Because in most cases, users use website to acquire new information which may benefit their life and work, or just for leisure purpose. But whatever, firstly they need to be comfortable with operating on this websites which includes good interface and clear navigation structure. After that, once user adapt to the operation, they need to get something practical from the website. In order to achieve, the information should be easy and fast to be accessed.

  • Six Hat
  • Six Hat activities leaded us to take our idea of Design Exploration in different aspects of consideration. As for my idea, the aboriginal language encryption system, in the black hat discussion, a difficulty came up that the aboriginal culture is minority so that target audience should be thought carefully. While in red hat discussion, my idea was supposed to be implemented in entertainment, which was why I came up with the idea of Sticker Generator. Then, in white hat discussion, I was suggested to combine aboriginal languages with their culture, so that the content of this project would be enriched.

    It is undeniable that Six Hat is really a good way to extend and specify a topic through group discussion. Actually before doing this activity, I knew that this topic was necessary to be dug deeper, but I didn't know the actual directions. So in my future work, I will use this method to guide my exploration.

O T H E R    W O R K

T H E    W A N D E R I N G    E A R T H    S U R V I V A L    G U I D E

This is my final work in DECO7140 last semester. I have chosen the popular Chinese science fiction The Wandering Earth as my theme to introduce users the knowledge of various disasters the survival methods under the circumstance of these disasters.

Because of the website's theme, I also implemented a similar style as this portfolio. Although there were many simulation content and function in The Wandering Earth Survival Guide, it was my first complete web work and also my first time to implement my favourite design style into practical. So whatever, this website is a very important milestone in my IT learning process.

Actually, for everytime I did DECO course works, I would try to use some new knowledge I learned in the course even if they were very difficult at first. I believe only in this way, I can make breakthroughs in my individual development.

Have a look at The Wandering Earth in Git